5 Months Old

We had a fun December with this little guy. He and I took our first plane trip together, and I am happy to report that he did very well. We spent a week with my family in Northern California, and it was so fun seeing him with his three little boy cousins. He thrives on all that attention. Is that just a baby thing or am I going to have a little extrovert on my hands?

The big things this month were starting physical therapy for his torticollis and getting a DocBand to fix the plagiocephaly that’s developed. It’s no fun, but we know that he’ll be very grateful for a normal shaped head once he gets older. I’m planning on painting the band soon so it looks a little less medical.

His favorite things right now are:

  • chewing on anything he can get in his mouth
  • being held (we’re going to a clingy phase)
  • funny sounds, especially my Tarzan impersonation

And there you have it! Happy New Year!

4 Months Old

Oh my goodness, this is such an awesome age. Little Dukes has found his voice and is quite the chatterbox. He also has the greatest little laugh and a smile that lights up the room. The biggest accomplishment is he started eating just once during the night…and then he decided he just might as well sleep all the way through! I’m super proud of him, and of myself for being so consistent with our bedtime routine. I think that has really helped. Not only is he sleeping great, but he’s been waking up happy most of the time. Amazing!

His favorite things right now are:

  • stuffed animals, specifically Mr. Bear
  • the Christmas tree
  • kisses!

3 Months Old

Seeing that the little guy is 3 and a half months old, this post is way over due! However, I actually did take this photo shortly after his 3 month birthday.

Isn’t he huge!? I’m not going to be able to crop his monthly photos in a square anymore because he’s oh so tall. He has been changing so much and becoming cuter everyday.

His favorite things right now are:

  • fuzzy things
  • playing with his hands (I call it his supervillain move)
  • bathtime

This past month (like every one of his life so far) was pretty eventful because of the move, but mostly because he had surgery to remove his umbilical hernia. They’re pretty common and almost always go away on their own, but his just kept getting bigger…and bigger…and bigger. We ended up meeting with a surgeon since that thing definitely wasn’t going away on its own. The surgeon said it was the largest umbilical hernia he’d seen (It was almost baseball size!) in his 12 years of practice, and that it might have actually been an omphalocele that took a while to show up (seriously…it was crazy big).

The surgery went great, and baby’s got a puckery little belly button that will start to look more normal over time. He probably won’t be a swimsuit model when he grows up, but that’s ok.

Here is a side-by-side of his growth each month. Can you say growth spurt?

Moving Day


Yesterday was moving day. Mister Dukes had to work, so baby and I oversaw the moving company pack up our old place and move us into our new one. I was pretty nervous how I would manage with feedings, naps, and diaper changes, but it all worked out fine. How the little guy can sleep through that awful packing tape noise amazes me.

I am having a ton of fun unpacking and arranging our new digs. It’s not a perfect place by any means, but it has so much charm (and 3 closets, plus pantry plus linen closet…I die!!).

We found a home!


After over a month of searching and applying for apartments, dear Mister Dukes has found us a little home to call our own! It’s in a great neighborhood just a stone’s throw from the NoHo Arts District. I love that it feels more like a tiny house than a typical apartment. Expect photos in the future as we start to unpack and decorate. Wheee! So excited!

Two Months Old

Look who’s getting so big! Little Dukes hit the 10 lb mark around 5-6 weeks. He’s a regular beefcake with the cutest little leg rolls. He just started smiling for real (although you wouldn’t know it from this photo)!

His favorite things right now are:

  • taking naps in the Boppy
  • tummy time on mom or dad’s chest
  • vertical blinds (he’ll stare at them forever)

Honestly, it’s been a hard month for our family. Jason has been staying in LA almost every night because the new commute is insane from San Clemente (upwards of 2.5 hours one way in traffic!). It’s been taking a long time to find a new home that fits our needs. I’ve been packing up our apartment and going a little stir crazy. The little guy has had some rough days—last weekend he had 5+ straight hours of crying—but I’m hoping we’re turning a corner now that he’s starting to smile. Soon we will all be living together again in a new place, and I know that will boost all our spirits!

One Month Old!

I can’t believe Little Dukes is one month old already! August just flew by, and yet it seems forever ago that I was still pregnant with this little guy.

His favorite things right now are:

  • eating
  • sleeping
  • not being wet

He’s proven to be quite the little eater and has put on a couple pounds since he’s been born. He loves tummy time as long as it’s on Jason’s chest. We’ve had some rough nights, but they’re getting better. (Watching the Happiest Baby on the Block dvd has helped a ton!)

Little Dukes had quite an eventful first week of life. A few days after he was born, we took him to the pediatrician for his first check up. He was looking a bit yellowy, so he had his bilirubin tested and sure enough, the kid had jaundice. It wasn’t dangerously high, but high enough that it warranted a trip to Children’s Hospital. What we thought would only be a few hours ended up being a two-night stay with Little Dukes getting the “spa treatment” in the blue light box.

While he seemed oblivious to what was going on, I was quite emotional seeing him hooked up to monitors and not being able be at home with him. Thankfully, we had some wonderful nurses who helped us establish some normalcy by letting me breastfeed him and moving him to a crib with a biliblanket on the last night. As hard as it was being in the hospital, it was totally worth it to see his color improve and to have nurses and lactation consultants available for support.

Also this month, we have been to the county records office to get his birth certificate and the social security administration to apply for his SS#. These are the types of errands you have to run when you have your baby at home :)

Hello again, blog!

I thought it was an appropriate time to start the blog up again and be a bit more regular about it. Big things have been happening with the Dukeses: (1) WE HAD A BABY and (2) we’re moving to Los Angeles in September from Orange County. We are very excited about both, and I’ll be writing in more detail in the coming weeks.

I also thought I’d redesign the blog in between baby feedings. More white space and web fonts and responsiveness for everybody!

Meet Miss Jane’s Sister

BACKSTORY: Six months ago, I “rescued” a lovely ceramic doe from eBay. Miss Jane (get it?) has been gracing our china cabinet and overlooking my feats in the kitchen with an approving eye.

TWO DAYS AGO: I was in Downtown Fullerton getting lunch with my dear friend, Heidi, and after we ate, we took to strolling down Harbor Blvd. We popped into The Brick Basement Antique Mall (which is, incidentally, HUGE and AWESOME). Towards the back of the store in a corner near the register, I spot…you’ll never guess…ok, I’ll tell you…MISS JANE’S SISTER!

I was sure it was her sister. Now that I have a Stewart McCulloch figurine, I would recognize another one anywhere. And there one was. Looking ever so lonely. Being the decent human being I am, I took her home with me for a family reunion.

North by Northwest at Hollywood Forever


One of our favorite summer things to do is to watch movies in the park. When we were living in the Bay Area, we went to a couple screenings at Dolores Park, but now that we’re in Southern California, we’re all about Cinespia! On Saturday night, we drove up to Hollywood to watch North by Northwest in the cemetery (probably my favorite Hitchcock besides Rear Window). It sounds a lot creepier than it actually is. They project the film on one of the buildings, and everyone lays out picnic blankets on the lawn.

We met a lovely couple while we were waiting in line and really hit it off. We ended up sitting together and decided to be permanent movie-going buddies. Next weekend, Casablanca!